Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A canoe in midstream

By: Apirana Taylor
Location 821 TAY
Genre: New Zealand Poetry

Today we had the privilege of Apirana Taylor doing some readings in school assembly and then running a writers workshop for a couple of hours in the library.  How did it go- well after school today I had 7 students in my office, myself and one of our Yr 12 girls read the poems from this book to the other students for 40 minutes.They discussed the Assembly, they talked about the writers workshop and we picked apart some poems that we read together.
The thing about the poems in this book- is that they are so real and relevant. As Alex read Lady Anorexia , I had tears in my eyes as I visualised my niece in her struggle to combat the war that assaults her everyday. This poem is so true, my niece could have written it. ..smash the chains, they make for thee. Eat and be well, as thy maker loves thee and intended thee to be.
  The kids thought that Swiss Alps was a good one  for me- cheeky they are.
These poems make you chuckle, ponder, weep, agree and be startled, they are Maori, they are kiwi and for 7 students who wait for a bus, to be enthralled for 40 minutes- they work.

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