Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sirocco- the Rock Star Kakapo

By: Sarah Ell
Location: NF 333.95 ELL
Genre: New Zealand

Sir Occo- that is what I reckon this bird should be called. His Majesty the Parrot. He currently is on show at our local Maunga- mountain. Why is a bird so famous, and how come Sirocco gets so much attention- this species is in a situation where it has been rescued from the brink of extinction, in 1997 they only knew of 51 birds left and only one female. It is the worlds largest parrot and it is flightless and its mascot is Sirocco. This book tells not only Sirocco's story but the Kakapo's as well. It has excellent web sites and a Q&A section in the back about Kakapo. This book will be a great research tool for your studies on New Zealand Flora and Fauna- but it also is kind of a cute story about a character bird!

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