Monday, September 3, 2012

The Universe Rocks: The complete guide to space

By: Raman Prinja
Location: NF 520 PRI
Genre: Science- Space

This book rocks, it has amazingly colour pictures, clear concise information, a whole range of do-able experiments that link to the space theme,  and every question you ever want to know about space answered. It has the top 40 Universe facts at the back of the the book which for me as a "Stuff" Quiz" doer is brilliant. It has great links to other web sites and a full glossary, but the best thing is the colour, it oozes Hubble photos  and it goes a long way to again prove to me that books give better information that random web sites. For students in the Yr 8-11 age- this book is perfect for research top get you started. This is the kind of book my son would of loved, and I suspect even now he is older with a degree tucked under his belt, when he comes home to visit this weekend, he will spend time perusing this book and learn a few things along the way.

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