Monday, September 10, 2012

Everything Left Unsaid

By: Jessica Davidson
Location: FIC DAV
Genre: Sad!!

Why do I read these books at the end of the day and why when I read them do I get visitors. I was reading the end of this book,  and overwhelmed by where this story was heading, I started to get to the teary eyed stage, it developed into the runny nose phase and then as the tears started to stream a Year 13 students walks in- she understands, offers me lollies and leaves me to wallow. At this point the emotion takes control as I empathise, I have seen this story, I have seen a teenager battle a brain tumour, I have watched the journey of friends, family and the battler, this journey is never fun, and now I am reading about it, too fresh. Sobbing- into the office walks the IT manager..... all he asks is "do you have enough tissues"


  1. relieved you did have enough tissues!!!

  2. Yes thanks!! Your support and empathy is overwhelming, and it got worse after you left!!