Friday, September 14, 2012


By: Danny Katz
Location: FIC KAT
Genre: Humour

"SCUM is great. Dannt Katz is one of the hilariest writersd I know. Hilariest ? Is that a word? It is now." FRANK WOODLEY

It's just an ordinary day for Tom Zurbo-Goldblatt. The possibility of romance with his dream girl. Powerful friendships to forge. Wrongs to right. The ultimate test of survival against the Badass Ninjas of Stupidity of Death.   The Students Combined Underground Movement (S.C.U.M.) is a society for outcasts, weirdos and massive losers. At their headquarters on the bench beside the bin behind the canteen, they plot their revolutionary ideas for a better schoolyard. Divided they may be weak, but as S.C.U.M., they're still weak; but at least they have somewhere to sit.

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