Tuesday, September 4, 2012


By: Bob Langrish
Location: 636.1 LAN
Genre: Horses

Horses, they are so powerful, graceful, useful and we as humans have a long connection with them. I went to see a famous horse trot around the park a few years back, and its strength and power blew me away, yet in its speed it had real grace. I also watched the Queens horsey party thing at Windsor Castle on TV and a world of horses was on show, the tricky ones, fast ones, dancing ones, and horses used in warfare, they were stunning. This book captures it all, the beauty, the power, the breeds and 250 breathtaking colour photo's.  This is a picture book and one of our students reckons one of the horses looks like Bieber- can you find which one, but I reckon one looks like Lady Gaga, and maybe another like Jack Black.
Yep- its  a great book to peruse through and in the office right now is a stack of us- pupils and staff loving it.

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