Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TRYLLE Novels- Switched, Torn and Ascend

By:Amanda Hocking
Genre: Fantasy
Location: FIC HOC

This is a great trilogy, the author descibes them this way
 The Trylle Trilogy,  is a paranormal romance without vampires, shifters, mermaids, fae, angels, dragons, ghosts, or ninjas.

But I can tell you - it has trolls. It has love stories  with 1 princess and 3 potential men. It has kingdoms and wars, power, sacrifices and loyalties. Goodreads describes the trilogy this way.
Seventeen-year-old Wendy Everly has always been different, but she never thought she was more than human. However, when she’s thrown into a world unlike any she’s ever imagined, Wendy must uncover her heritage, tap into her powers, and fight against those who want to use her gifts for evil. Enter a world of magic, mystery, and romance in Amanda Hocking’s bestselling young adult series that takes readers to Trylle, a world as beautiful as it is deadly. Torn between worlds, Wendy must decide who she really is and what she wants, between love and duty, in a struggle for her very survival.
So you need to read them and decide- are you a Finn, Loki or a Tove follower, who do you want to end up with Wendy. I did  a bad bad bad thing- I skipped to the end of the last book to find out- but because I am the librarian, I can make sure you only get one out at a time and not follow my heinous example.

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