Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Animal Record breakers

By: Steve Parker
Location: NF 590 PAR
Genre: Cute and interesting

Animals, yep we love them, we hate them, they make us express all sorts of emotions, from laughter, to anger, to joy to frustration. I love giraffes, they are so graceful, so stately but have you seen them drink water from a pool- hilarious. Elephants- so big, so connected with each other, so protective and so perceptive. Warthogs- funny things and then they strut off into the grasslands yonder tails poked high in the air like some prince of the plain.
This book is going to be a hot favourite, it has great facts and it informs us about the biggest, slowest, fastest, weirdest, deadliest and longest. It is a great read for a dinner time random fact regurgitation.
I was looking on YouTube for a few cute clips to add to this blog, but I got mesmerised, could not chose and then ran out of time. The giraffe drinking was the closest!!!

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