Thursday, May 23, 2013

Please Dont Take My Baby

By: Cathy Glass
Location: NF 920 GLA
Genre: Misery Memoirs

Teenage pregnancy in New Zealand is high, The pregnancy rates among the teens in New Zealand were double the number in countries like Australia and Canada. New Zealand was 4 times ahead of Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland in teenage pregnancy rate.
I love the movie Juno, it deals with the impact of pregnancy in a teenage girl, the questions, choices, decisions. It makes real the issues and those issues are immense.  Lives are touched, moved, created- the babies, the mums, the dads, the extended whanau, and when so many people are connected to a child being born, especially to a teenage mother- there is a huge amount of journeying to be done, this story is about Jades journey.

17-year-old Jade is pregnant and homeless when she is brought to live with foster carer Cathy. She stays out late, drinks heavily and smokes, but deep down she is desperate to hold on to her baby. This is Jade's story, but sadly it could be the story of many. As soon as Jade arrives Cathy is worried; she has never looked after a pregnant teenager before, but all the specialist 'mother and baby' carers are full, and - seventeen years old, seven months pregnant and homeless - Jade is in a desperate situation. Her behaviour immediately gives Cathy cause for concern, but she clearly doesn't want to listen - and it isn't long after the baby is born before Jade is in trouble with the police. Social services plan to take baby Courtney away from Jade and place her up for adoption. Cathy knows that Jade loves her daughter with all her heart, but will she be able to get through to Jade in time to make her realise what she might lose?

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