Tuesday, May 14, 2013


By: Michael Northrop
Location: FIC NOR
Genre: Drama, coming of age and Dogs!

OK this one could be tough. This story is about a guy called Jimmer who has all sorts of issues, stuff he is hiding, secrets he is defending, and so he runs back home to hide. There he discovers his Mum has a new friend- "Rotten" a Rottweiler dog. Jimmer and Rotten form a bond, a mans best friend bond, they start to trust each other, journey together and heal from the wounds inflicted by others on them both. But things start to unravel and Jimmer has to defend his dog and protects Rotten life.
Why is this a hard one, well our little dog died a few weeks back, we had him for 17 years, he too was everyone best friend in the house, he to defended the family and we defended him. The thought of losing a dog, and it actually happening is real hard, and so I can see the power Jimmer would have inside of him to protect the animal that believes and trusts in him.
We know the power of the dog, we also know the pain and sadness of losing one, Jimmer in this story is about to face that.  Below is our dog REX- a more faithful friend, you will never find.

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