Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Berlin Boxing Club

By: Robert Sharenow
Location: FIC SHA
Genre: Historical Novel- Nazi Germany

Anne Frank for Boys

“The weakest punches are thrown with the tongue.”
Robert Sharenow, The Berlin Boxing Club

Karen Baker on Goodreads.Com rates it this way:
A powerful read and excellent addition to the YA Holocaust historical fiction genre. Set against the backdrop of Hitler's rising power in Germany, the plot involves the struggles of Karl Stern, a teenage boy (Jewish by heritage, but not by practice) who must deal with increasing bullying and discrimination from his peers as well as the community at large. The real-life boxer Max Schmeling plays a pivotal role in Karl's life and readers will find the historical boxing facts fascinating .I was struck by how multi-dimensional the main characters were in this book; they all deal with considerable inner conflict and there are no easy answers provided to their dilemmas. Themes include looking up to hero figures, complicated father-son relationships and how to be true to yourself.

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