Thursday, May 9, 2013

Holiday Reads

Hi all

We have just had school holidays here in New Zealand, so that is why I have not posted for a few weeks- but I did read. Holidays are great to get the bucket list of books reduced. Two to ponder on- Barnaby Brocket is a great story, you really feel for Barnaby- the classic "outsider", born to literally fly to parents who hate and despise abnormal. Flying is not normal, so they cut their son loose and around the world he floats meeting other outsiders. I just wonder why Boyne chose the 'outsiders' he did, the rejected, the different, the disaffected- are outsiders born or made, are they created or manipulated? This story did make me think, the dog part was hard to handle though as our pet dog just died!!
The Snow Child is crafted, it is a beautiful read, written with grace, written with a passion of parents. In the Bible it says that some things are never satisfied, one of those is a woman who craves for a child she cannot have, this is the story of Snow Child- the craving of lost love, discovered and lost again. I got lost in this book, I loved the language, I loved the story and I loved the power of the lyric. I loved it so much- I bought it for my daughters birthday. Maybe she will stay in bed til mid day and read it like I did!
Back to blogging daily now- hope to introduce you all to some great new books as I go along for the next ten weeks!

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