Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Light between Oceans

By: M.L.Stedman
Location: FIC STE
Genre: Drama

"Extraordinary and heart rending book about people, tragic decisions and beauty found in each of them."  Markus Zusak

Decisions: they make us, or destroy us and sometimes making the right ones are so hard, and the consequences so demanding. I read something this morning and the power of it has stuck with me, it was the decision to wait, take stock, take time and carefully pursue your decision with thought and wisdom. "Fools rush in where angels dare to tread" as my mum said to me so much when I was younger. Now I think, I think more and rush less, at least I hope so.
In this book Tom and his wife Lizzy, who live on an Island make some decisions- all about a boat that washes up on shore- with a dead man and a crying baby. They break the rules and follow there hearts. What happens next- breaks yours.
The Sunday Times calls this book "Tender" but Grazia calls it "Gripping".
Yep long weekend novel found.

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