Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Books for Ghana

So let me digress a little. Our school is running an inter house competition to donate books for three schools in Achiaman -Ghana. This area is a very poor area near the port town of Tema not far from the capital city of Accra. 4 Years ago I never knew the name of Ghana's capital city- but now I know its streets, its people and I know that many of the schools have no books for the kids to read. So we are doing something about that- we are setting up three libraries in three schools so the kids can have access to books- to knowledge, to language and that will lead to better education, higher dreams, better opportunities and a growing away from the poverty that entraps them. Is this airy fairy? No, not at all. Once the books arrive, over 13,000 of them, we will go- again- and set these libraries up, train the teachers how to use them, train librarians. This is grass roots New Zealander's making a difference for grassroots Ghanaians- no big NGO's, no glory- just us making a difference for them. But what I can tell you is in Ghana- there will be a song and a dance about it.
Cambridge High Students- get your old but good books into the library office now, kids books, story books, picture books- it really now is up to you!

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