Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life: An exploded diagram

By: Mal Peet
Genre:Youth fiction- Drama
Location: FIC PEE

Patrick Ness says this books is " brilliant, witty, super-smart, heartbreakingly generous, it's so good you almost want to keep it a secret.." I started to read it at my desk and realised I had just spent 30 minutes lost in this book- it hooks you.... so I had to read the last page!!!

This is a brilliant coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of the Cold War and events leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
World War. Cold war. Twin towers. Two kids in love- first love, forbidden love.

Clem Ackroyd lives with his parents and grandmother in a claustrophobic home too
small to accommodate their larger-than-life characters in the bleak Norfolk
countryside. Clem's life changes irrevocably when he meets Frankie, the daughter
of a wealthy farmer, and experiences first love, in all its pain and glory. The
story is told in flashback by Clem when he is living and working in New York
City as a designer, and moves from the past of his parents and grandmother to
his own teenage years.

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