Monday, March 12, 2012

Cold Hands, Warm Heart.

By: Jill Wolfson
Genre: Drama- medical- Teenage Fiction
Location FIC WOL

When I was 14 a close friend of mine died in a horse riding accident- as you can imagine it was traumatic- but one thing came good of this terrible bad. I went back to my school a week later, and another friend told me her cousin had just received a kidney from a 14 year old who had been killed in a horse riding accident. It was in a maths class- and I bolted for the door and hid for the rest of the morning. This girl could live- because my friend Sonia Early had died. This story is like a rewrite of my own- except it involves a heart transplant and a gymnast- which Sonia also was. Don't think I will read this book- to close, but if you do, please come and tell me- that it has a happy ending!

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