Monday, March 5, 2012

Jordan Stryker: Cyber Terror

By: Malcolm Rose
Genre: Cyber Terrorism
Location: FIC ROS
I have purchased these two books on a students recommendation, it is the best way to get books as you know what you like to read far better than I do. This series looks great and it will compliment Muchamore and Alex Rider well.

Alan Smith no longer exists - he was severely injured in a huge bomb explosion which wreaked havoc in the South of England. But, just like The Six Million Dollar Man (or Astroboy for those too young to recall Steve Austin) "we can rebuild him".

A top secret agency, Unit Red, even more secret than MI5, has the technology to repair and replace Alan's injured limbs and he is reborn as Jordan Stryker, a cybernetically enhanced teenager complete with bionic arm, supersonic hearing, enhanced vision and the ability to remotely access computers - This is James Bond Cyber style!

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