Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Henderson boys: The prisoner

By: Muchamore
Location: FIC MUC
Genre: WW II
I know that the Cherub series is the hottest read since our little wizard friend, but to me this series by Muchamore is more powerful than Cherub. Why.. because it tells us a true story in a contemporary way. We all need to know about WWII, we need to hear the stories, see the images, listen to the pain of all those who were made to be combat soldiers- because if we do not read, see, listen- we run the risk of minimising the horrid despair of war. To listen, and to make ourselves informed of the past horror, maybe will give us in this generation the courage- to ensure they are never repeated. So good on you Muchamore for going to an old story and recreating it for the students in my school to read. I dont want any current students of CHS to end up on any honour board in the hall- so read away !!!

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