Friday, March 2, 2012

Species on the edge of survival

By: Redlist
Genre- Non Fiction - Animals
Location: NF 578.68 SPE
I love animals, they are amazing. I mean - trunks- aren't they the weirdest things to grovel in mid air you have ever seen. Then there is the good old Mantis- I hate this wee creature cause one of them sucked our kids pet frogs to death, which I suppose is better than eating their partner which they do anyway. Have you ever seen a Hispaniolan Solenodon? What weird little creatures they are. Then you have the majesty of the Blue Whale and the grace of the meandering Giraffe. Most of these animals or a species of them is struggling to survive, and this book is dedicated to tell you all them- has great photo's and good information.

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