Friday, May 4, 2018

Amelia Westlake

By: Erin Gough
Location: FIC GOU
Image result for 9781760127152Genre: Young Adult LGBT

Two very different girls, and one giant hoax that could change – or ruin – everything.

Harriet Price has the perfect life: she's a prefect at Rosemead Grammar, she lives in a mansion, and her gorgeous girlfriend is a future prime minister. So when she risks it all by creating a hoax to expose the school's many problems – with help from notorious bad-girl Will Everheart, no less – Harriet tells herself it's because she's seeking justice. And definitely not because she finds Will oddly fascinating.

But as Will and Harriet's campaign heats up, it gets harder for them to remain sworn enemies – and to avoid being caught. As tensions burn throughout the school, how far will they go to keep their mission – and their feelings for each other – a secret?

"A thoughtful exploration of topical issues wrapped in a delicious package of surprising twists and messy relationships. It all worked. "- Trisha

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