Friday, May 4, 2018

Robots VS Fairies

By: Dominik Parisen and Navah Wolfe
Image result for 9781481462358Location: FIC  ROB
Genre: Short Stories- Sci Fi and Fantasy

Cover coolness alert!!!!

Who will win- Fantasy or Sci- Fi? Its a battle!
It is also an awesome discussion to have in your library office!

This is a  unique anthology of all-new stories that challenges authors to throw down the gauntlet in an epic genre battle and demands an answer to the age-old question: Who is more awesome—robots or fairies?

People love pitting two awesome things against each other. Robots vs. Fairies is an anthology that pitches genre against genre, science fiction against fantasy, through an epic battle of two icons.
Featuring an incredible line-up of authors including John Scalzi, Catherynne M. Valente, Ken Liu, Max Gladstone, Alyssa Wong, Jonathan Maberry, and many more, Robots vs. Fairies will take you on a glitterbombed journey of a techno-fantasy mash-up across genres.  

“We knew this day would come. We tried to warn the others. It was obvious either the sharp rate of our technological advancement would lead to the robot singularity claiming lordship over all, or that the fairies would finally grow tired of our reckless destruction of the natural world and take it back from us.”

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