Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Yark

Image result for 9781776571727By: Bertrand Santini
Location: EAS SAN
Genre: Roald Dahl esk..

This book is gold, I haven't enjoyed reading a book like this in such a long time. I have been stuck on non-fiction local history though to be fair.
But this book- yes! BFG x Monsters Inc x Hansel and Gretal.
I laughed- and I think I cried too. But I laughed most. The language is perfect- brilliantly translated as well.
It is not a book you would read to 8 year olds - unless they were naughty, I love it being a book that is -well- maybe a little bit badass!

If I need a chuckle because I'm annoyed at annoying times- I am going to go to fetch this book and gobble it up!

The Yark loves children...with the love of a gourmand! This hairy monster dreams of child buffets—ham of boy, orphan gratin, schoolchild purée, breaded babies, girl rillettes.

But he has a problem: his delicate stomach can only tolerate the flesh
of nice children; liars give him heartburn, savages spoil his teeth. There are not nearly enough good, edible children around to keep him from starvation.

Then the Yark does find delicious, sweet Madeleine. Will he gobble her up?
Or will she survive long enough to change his life?

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