Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fairytales for Wilde Girls

By: Allyse Near
Genre: Fantasy
Location: FIC NEA

Sam- our most avid reader in the library, is going to review this book, well I am going to reword what Sam said to me about this book that she loved. She gives it **** out of *****

" This book is about fairies and ghosts, its above love and fantasy and mystery. It is about Isola, she is a kind of a girl who goes into her own world and does not enter other peoples, even though she cares about them. She has 7 brothers, they are ghosts and they come all from different era's of time. Her brothers are all over 18 and they protect her from evil that tries to harm her, they love Isola fiercely. This harm is a a dead girl who comes to haunt Isola as a ghost, and Isola has to find out how this young girl dies as she is  crazy with grief for her.
This books says Sam, is a great read, as it has love, mythology, fantasy, history, humor all wrapped in between the covers- this book has it all."

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