Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Life of Pi- the DVD

As you know we have a great DVD collection in the library, it is for students use to make sure that they can access all they need for the "Connections" for NCEA. I therefore need to watch these DVDs so I can recommend them- actually that is an excuse, I just want to watch them. This weekend with the miserable rain, the sick body and my lethargic mentality I had a good time sprawled out on my comfy chair, my warm blankie and the DVD remote control, The Life of Pi was my first viewing.
So what did I think, well I knew it won 4 Oscars, and I know the book is good. I have been to India a few times so I was expecting to love the scenes shot there, and I did, made me smile! I found the boat sequences predictable, the storms, the calm, the ship wreck, the sharks but the relationship between David Parker and Pi was compelling. The monologues were great, yet I had the feeling that I was being asked more of myself than I wanted to give, it is evangelical in a way that was disturbing.
I cried- I always do, I chuckled, and I pondered, so I guess David Parker and Pi did its thing, but why did it make me still feel hollow somehow?

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