Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mila 2.0

By: Debra Driza
Location: FIC DRI
Genre: Sci-fi thriller

She's not like all the other girls- she is an outsider.

Outsiders- people who dont belong, either because their skin colour is different, their cultural heritage stops them from connecting with their present world, they speak differently, act differently, look different. We are so shallow as a people, we protect our knowns and avoid the edges, those things that challenge our snug worlds. That is what makes us shallow because there is so much power is being with the outsiders, so much depth and learning, we learn courage and we learn to let go of self and care about others. The thing is, outsiders hurt, they dont want to be marginalised, they want to be understood. Mila is one of these she is a scientist creation, she is not like the other girls!

"There is so much fun to be had reading Debra Driza's thoroughly interesting and original debut, MILA 2.0. Brimmed to the top with incredibly fun action scenes, likable characters, believable conflicts, and awesome technological abilities, MILA 2.0 is not a novel to be missed by anyone looking for their next great sci-fi read--and especially those looking for an awesome android novel, which there, unfortunately, seems to be a massive shortage of.  " Blythe

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