Friday, June 28, 2013

The unlikely pilgimage of Harold Fry

By: Rachel Joyce
Location: FIC JOY
Genre:  A Journey. Drama.

I saw this book first in the airport in HongKong - and the title got me, so I bought it- so much for my new E Reader!
I was not disappointed, even though I don't fit into the age bracket of the couple this story retells, it could fit into its journey.
It is a journey of discovery, of finding out what has been lost and what still can be gained. It is about redemption, and the determination to correct a wrong, it is a story filled with bitter regret and a growing sense of self belief, it is a story of relationships rotting into oblivion, and the places those relationships go. It is about  Harold and his trek from the south of England- up to the north, it is about the country and the power of the green to heal the brokenness of life.
It resonated, it inspired and it made me determined to make sure that my life keeps real, keep shifting, keeps growing, keeps unpredictable.
Mind you a stroll in the fields for a few months with a bunch of pilgrims sounds bloomin good to me as well!!!

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