Thursday, June 13, 2013

The body in the library

By: Agatha Christie
Location: FIC CHR
Genre: Who dun it...

Some of you know.. we had a body in our library, yep it is true. A dead one!! Prostrate on the floor, murdered. It was a bad day, it was our Princapal. Sad. But then - amazingly- he came alive again. The thing is though we have to figure out why the body was there, who did it and why? The Cambridge High School forensic team is working overtime figuring out the clues, and CSI is making video footage to shed light on our murder, our body in the library.

If only Agatha Christie and Miss Marple could help us.... maybe if you come and read the four titles we have, it might help you solve our own "body in the library" mystery!

Emily on

Reasons I love Miss Marples stories:
1. She treats murder/crime like a breach of etiquette that needs to be corrected post haste.
2. She is adorable in her cover as a delicate old knitting lady.
3. Gossip is serious detecting business, not to be trifled with by the likes of official people.
4. The murderer is always the VERY LAST person you suspect. In fact, if at the end you don't roll your eyes heaven-ward and wonder what THAT was all about, I don't think we could be friends

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