Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Survival Squad- Series

By: Jonathan Rock
Location: FIC ROC
Genre: Adventure

The great outdoors- got to love it. I spent the weekend with a bunch of outdoor adrenalin nutters, the things these guys do for fun is slightly crazy. This weekend it included canyoning, jumping of a ten metre waterfall into the pool below, abseiling down a 30 metre rock wall with water bubbling all over your face, cold, wet, tiring yet fun. Others went surf kayaking and yet more went mountain biking, dodging trees, avoiding cliffs and skidding into bracken. Some of us did a leisurely stroll in the forest and down onto the beach. Our ages- from 6 months to those in there 60's. The outdoors is cathargic- emotionally purging, there is something that happens in the soul when you set foot into the outdoors. I reckon it is the combo of adventure- taking a risk and then letting nature enter into a space we crowd out with noise, with technology, with business, with life's garbage. The outdoors sooths those things and when we engage in the outdoors in the adventure mode- it makes us feel fully alive- stuffed, tired, but fully alive.
These four books are about Tiger Patrol a group of scouts who encounter the outdoors to solve mysteries and to survive the turmoils of the outdoors, but being Scouts they have the skills to deal with what is thrown at them and with Bear Grylls as Mr Scout- they have will be fine.
But maybe what these stories are really about is not kayaking and mountain biking and snow shelters, it is really about boys being made into men and it is about the cathargic power of getting out of the lounge and into the great wide open spaces of the outdoors. If you live in New Zealand you have no excuses!!!

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