Friday, June 7, 2013

Yes, Chef; A Memoir

By: Marcus Samuelsson
Location:920 SAM
Genre: Food and Cheffing

New York Times Best Seller

This book is a love letter to food and family in all its manifestations

An orphan from Ethiopia, adopted and raised in Sweden, living in America and cooking for Presidents- not a bad story line- and it is all true.
Food and travel, it is a magical combination, for me travel is food, not just the eating of interesting new things, experiencing different taste sensations, discovering fruits I did not know existed, it is more partaking in a cultural ritual with new friends around their table. It is rocking up to a Tandoori BBQ outdoor restaurant in Arusha- Tanzania that in the day time is a bustling garage. It is eating Tibetan food from refugee's in the foothills of the Himalaya's in India, it is talking over a nations story, while gobbling up their delicacies. It is sitting with the poor, eating rice and beans- laughing because we eat together, it is eating with the rich in flash restaurants we would never go to as we discover Tartare Meat in the Champ Elysees with an ophthalmologist from Algeria.
Yes food is a joiner, it is a place of meeting, it is a leveller and whether you are an orphan from Ethiopia or a creator of meals for a family- you partake in enhancing the culture of togetherness.
Marcus Samuelsson story is about that, it is about how food, eating it, making it and sharing it- can and does change your life.

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