Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Smart Girls Get What They Want

By: Sarah Strohmeyer
Location: FIC STR
Genre: Coming of Age

Get Smart
Get Everything

Overachievers: Who are they, they are the ones who get top of the class, even in physics, they then go play sport and end up captain of their chosen sport with rep colours wrapped around their shoulders, they make the student leadership forums, they look nice, sound nice, act nice and are smart, athletic and generally are the school pinup students.  They may not be hot popular, but they don't care, they know that a degree from a good uni will set them up and then real life will begin.
In this book the overachievers Gigi, Bea and Neerja decide to come out of the classroom and decide to join the spotlight, so they make a pact to take on a challenge and show their world that they can rock it. Smart girls can get what they want, smart girls can bust a few boundaries and smart girls also can get more attention than they really want!!

"A fresh funny book full of likable characters, drama and plenty of romance that kept me turning the pages until late into the night" Meg Cabot

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