Friday, June 21, 2013


By: Sharon Penman
Location: FIC PEN
Genre: Historical Fiction

Passion, intrigue, war and deceit.

This books is about a Crusader and I love the Crusaders. Richie, Dan, Keiran- all top blokes and great rugby players. But the Crusader this book is all about has nothing to do with Rugby.

If you said “Lionheart” to someone today, they would probably know you were talking about King Richard the First of England, the epitome of the Crusader and medieval superman.

Lionheart- the brave, the defender of the faith, the freer of Jerusalem from the infidel, the fighter against Saladin and the Sacaran's, the unjust merciless killing of innocent victims from all sides in the name of God who is love, but they forgot that.
I have been to Jerusalem- was told NOT to wear any symbols of the cross in jewellery because it is associated with the frightful Crusades- how seriously sad is that.
If you want to get to the heart of why that is- read Lionheart, read about the battles, the disease, the violence, the betrayals and the loves.
You can feel the heat, taste the exotic drinks and foods, suffer the sea and other sicknesses and wince at the cures. This book manages to present both religions as striving to fight for what they believed, even as their charismatic leaders understood what was at stake.  Karen-

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