Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Interworld Series

By: Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves
Location: FIC GAI
Genre: Sci Fi

Joey Harker isn't a hero. Begs the question- what is a hero?  Jaimee who works in our library reckons a hero is defined by the characteristics someone shows when they are under stress. He reckons how they think, act and what they do when under duress determines if they are a hero or not. He also says people can do heroic things and still not be a hero, but there are many also who do heroic things but would never consider themselves to be one. Just ask anyone in Christchurch on Feb 4th 2011.
 Joey Harker is sure he is not a hero, he bumbles, absent minded, is last to be picked for any sports teams, and is just not popular.  He always gets lost, he would get lost in a paper bag, so how can someone so directionally senseless and so awkward ever be a hero- unless they can travel between parallel worlds and different dimensions. Ah- maybe that would make them a hero. Joey Harker walks straight out of this world and into another. At first confused, then scared, Joey learns that this is a battleground between forces of magic and science struggling to control the multiple worlds. He joins in the battle, using his powers as a "walker" to go from dimension to dimension . There is a war going on between  the two disciplines for control of the entire Multiverse. So Joey and several of his other-world selves are recruited by InterWorld, a group who is working to rein in the extremist forces of both magic and science so that the healthy balance can be maintained.

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