Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to Blackbrick

By: Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
Location: FIC FIT
Genre: Is it family, or is it Time Travel, or is it Illness

I have a good friend whose Mum has Alzheimer's. It is a horrible disease, it is like a death of a person, their being, yet they are still alive. The character and personality that you knew has perished but the body functions. The mouth speaks in a voice you know, but what they say is not who they are. You grieve the loss of the person you know and love while they are still hugging you.
Cosmo spends a lot of his time with his grandfather, this is because his mother doesn't and because his grandfather loves horses. But as his grandfather looses his mind, Cosmo goes into denial, then in a lucid moment his grandfather gives Cosmo an instruction to get a key and visit Blackbrick Abbey. As Cosmo follows this weird instruction he collides with his grandfather- this time as a young man...
This book is heartbreaking, but it is also very clever and at times very funny. This makes this book a great read- it gets 4.73 stars on Goodreads, one of the highest ratings I have seen.

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