Thursday, February 28, 2013

Food Safari

By: Maeve O'Maera
Location: NF 641.5 OME
Genre: Cooking and food and the world!

I love food, I love foreign food, I adore curry and make it regularly. The best thing about Travel is the food, even though I am recuperating from a bout of a nasty little bug, who is my friend, that I picked up in India! It was worth it- YES those Momos were worth it!!!
This book has recipes from Croatia, Sri Lanka, Persia, Lebanon, India ( goody!!) and Africa. I am pleased it has African recipes as I go there a lot and as yet have only fallen in love with their fruit- their food is not a big hit for me yet. This book tells me that Ghana has a recipe called Shitto! Must order that when I go there next! "Can I have Shitto please". Jollof Rice is good though .
This book has lots of culture in it as well, and great proverbs.
"Don't entrust money to a man with a flat stomach"
" The best curries are cooked in old pots".
It also outlines the history and development of national dishes. Actually I am in love with this book and might just steal it and it will be forever "overdue".

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