Monday, February 25, 2013

The terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket

By: John Boyne ( he wrote Boy in Stripped PJ's as well)
Location: FIC BOY
Genre: A fable

OK its official- John Boyne can now stand beside the great Roald Dahl , shake is hand, and look Dahl in the eye and say to him- ' I am getting closer and closer Roald to being just as good as you". Except Roald Dahl is dead so he cant , but if he was alive- John Boyne could do that!!
I love The Boy in Stripped Pajamas, except it made me weep, come on, who did not shed a tear in that book. I also loved Noah Barleywater, it was a bit more reflective and fable-ish, but  I reflected on it for days. This story is about Barnaby, and he is born into a "normal" family, one that cannot stand the fact Barnaby can't stand, he floats.. so they kick him out of home. Barnaby then afraid, lonely and betrayed floats off into the world...and discovers it, and himself!! His magical journey begins.

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