Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Debt

By:Phillip  Gwynne
Location: FIC GWY
Genre: Adventure

 These books forms a series of six, the first book Catch the Zolt and the second one, Turn off the Lights, are now in the library.

It is I hope a worthy replacement for Cherub Series. Yes I know- that could be impossible, but I am trying to do my best to stop the craving for more Cherub books and give you something else while you wait.
Here is the plot for book one..
Dom Silvagni, indifferent student and elite middle-distance runner, is turning fifteen.
But Instead of cake and candles, Dom Silvagni is presented with the most unlikely gift for
his birthday: an ancient family debt to an organisation so secretive and powerful,
they are only known as The Debt. The Debt's terms are not negotiable: Dom must
perform six Herculean tasks or they'll take a pound of flesh.
Before long Dom has his first instalment - Catch The Zolt—the seventeen-year-old
Facebook Bandit with a penchant for stealing light aircraft. But getting close to The Zolt means being nice to the smug, self-obsessed Tristan, and involving Imogen, the only girl close to Dom's heart.
The more Dom discovers, the less he seems to know. Meanwhile The Debt
want their payment ... now!

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