Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something like Normal

By: Trish Doller
Location: FIC DOL
Genre:  War scars!

This book is not about love, it is about recovering from being a soldier. It is about seeing your mate blown to pieces and then coming home to try and deal with it, it is then about the power of love to heal, or try too.

More USA soldiers have died in suicide on return to the USA than they have in actual combat.
A total of 247 U.S. army personnel are believed to have taken their own lives between January and September this year, army data shows. This compares to 222 deaths from 'hostile causes' in Afghanistan.
Around one in five veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is believed to suffer from some form of post-traumatic stress disorder.
An online posting from a returned soldier...
You think so? You really think so? Or is it just that unwinnable wars mess with your head? Killing people needlessly gets you down? War is hell and kills your soul? A lot of people making assumptions without ever setting foot in a war zone. This has nothing to do with it. Plain and simple. it's tough turning it off. It's difficult coming to grips with the fact that you're not in a war zone any more. You become used to a life full of constant stress and risk, that when you get home, you feel empty without it. You begin to miss it because you don't know how to function in normal life anymore. You look around at all the civilians and think to yourself "They have no idea just how good they have it". That's the gist of it. And that's not even counting the ones who simply saw their friends blown up in front of them and cant shake the image.

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