Friday, February 1, 2013

Summer Holidays are over

By: Glenys Bichan
Genre: Work
Location: Library Office

Well our New Zealand summer holidays are over and I am back in my office writting blogs, and good it is too. We have a great year planned for thr library, some murderous displays, the introduction of EBooks and a library Moodle page. Bring it on!! Over the holidays I read the old, the new and the favourites. I thought it somewhat criminal a school librarian had not read "Tomorrow when the War Began" so I nailed that book- I would love to see it re-written with a new spin of modern technology- how would that look in Hell I wondered. Also kind of related to farmer girl Ellie and could see her attraction to Lee, but then I was raised in a strong Christian culture so got a bit of Fi in my makeup as well. Great book- can see why it is so popular.
So Cambridge High Students- come and bug me, I would love you to disturb the peace in our office with all your ideas and comments, thoughts, recommendations and YES- I still have lollies in the little white jar- could be useful if WWIII hits and I need to escape to hell!

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