Monday, February 18, 2013

Ibarajo Road

By: Harry Allen
Location: FIC ALL
Genre: Bad boy makes good!

This book is a lot like the "Worlds Strictest Parents" thing, where a rich spoilt boy does really stupid things and they are given the chance to redeem themselves, grow up, and become a real man.  I know the impact the third world can have on people, it kind of changes them for a normal life. They become aware and  alive, what matters in nice little Cambridge New Zealand has no meaning in Magugu  or Njahouta. What chick you date or you think is hot, what clothes you wear, what wheels you own and how you can tick your parents off, fades into a big nothing when you become mates with someone who does not have any idea what he will eat tonight, or if he can ever go to school, or how long his Mum will live now she has HIV Aids. Yip engaging in that world, messes up your other world- and it is a good thing.  This is what Charlie discovers, in Ibarajo Road,  when he is sent to work in a refuge ofr orphnas, the sick and the homeless. I know it will change him, because such a place has forever changed me.

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