Friday, February 8, 2013

My Brother Simple

By: Marie-Aude Murail
Location: FIC MUR
Genre: Family- brothers!

 "Its Ok, you can talk- he's a retard."
I - di- ot," Simple corrected.

At the beginning of the year boxes of books come into the library and we get to chose what we want to buy and what we send back. Some of the titles are a bit blah and do nothing for you- others grab you shake you and they say READ ME!! My Brother Simple was one of those... I get the feeling a movie wont be far behind and being French- it will be brilliant. I think it grabbed me because I love the idea that these brothers are so connected despite Simple- having severe learning difficulties. Kleber who is just 17 cannot handle Simple who is 22, being stuck inside an institution and so he takes care of him, living together in an apartment.
I also have learned that it is often the marginalised and the despised that have the greatest things in life to teach us, anyone who read this books will soon see why!

Miriam in Goodreads says this..
My Brother Simple is a book about how hard and unfair, and beautiful and wonderful and full of love life can be. It is about decisions, good ones and bad ones, about family and friendship and love. Above all, it's really love in all its different ways.

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