Monday, February 11, 2013

Mythbusters: Confirm or Bust

By: Samantha Margles
Location: Myth would have it, that it is in the Science section, but I think you should discover this for yourself.
Genre: Science

OK- I confess I am a huge fan of Mythbusters. In fact last night my son and I watched two episodes on DVD, we collect the series. I love their wild curiosity, I love their insane personal love affair with experiments- I mean last night watching Adam slide down that crazy water slide and spidermanning into the lake was hilarious, then watching them freak out walking over a duct tape bridge all in the name of science- was pure entertainment. I have heard Barack Obama say the Mythbusters have done more for science in education the USA than any other promotional programme and he thanked them.  I agree, I love history, I play with words, I hated science at school, these guys have changed that, they have made science sexy, they have spiced it up, and I reckon it is all about chemistry! yep- the chemistry of the presenters and the passion they have for blowing things up, going fast and truly being crazy. So I had to get the book and in case you don't know Mythbusters, check this out. It is from the Discovery Channel advertising the Ninja series!

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