Friday, April 5, 2013


By: Nick Harkaway
Location: FIC HAR
Genre: Fantasy

"Pure, unhinged delight. What a splendid ride" The Guardian
" Brilliant" Sunday Times.
 The comments on are all about this being a fun book to read, I have never read so many reviews about a books being fun, enjoyable or engagung. Peter summarises what other says well.
I loved this book. A fantasy, gangster, espionage novel, rollicking and rambunctious, rich in it’s language, ambitious in it’s scope; it must have been great fun to write, because it certainly was great fun to read.
"Angelmaker is a chimera of a novel. The core of the story is a spy thriller, with homages to the golden era of James Bond and daring international espionage on behalf of queen and country. It’s a race against time to prevent a megalomaniacal supervillain from destroying not just the world but life everywhere in the universe! Yet rather than playing it straight, Nick Harkaway injects that sort of dry, very British humour that isn’t afraid to verge upon—and venture into—the absurd. " Ben Babock

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