Monday, April 8, 2013

God save the Queen

By: Kate Locke
Genre: Fantasy
Location: FIC LOC

I have read a few books about the Queen this year, Mrs Queen takes the Train and The Uncommon Reader- just my way of celebrating her 50 years as a leader. I can't though think why we say the old God Save the Queen thing- dont we all need saving- why just her!  Anyway this book it slightly different- actually really different. It is about Queen Victoria, it is steampunk, and the Aristoracy are either zombies or vampires, werewolves or goblins.
It's 2012 and Queen Victoria still rules England with an iron fist due to the mix of disease and genetics that creates vampires. Only aristocrats can be vampires, half-vampires, or goblins due to their genetics and experience extremely long lives, a stronger constitution, inhuman strength and sense, an abhorrence to light, the list goes on. Xandra Vardan is a halvie and a member of the prestigious Royal Guard. She has set records in her schooling using her exceptional strength and speed and believes wholeheartedly that the aristocrats need their protection against the treacherous, vermin-like humans. Then her sister dies, but she knows that her sister has really gone missing. Her quest to find her sister plunges her into a plot that will turn her world upside down.

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