Wednesday, April 3, 2013


By: Roland Smith
Location: FIC SMI
Genre: Adventure

"I have climbed my mountain, but I still must go back and live my life."----Tenzing Norgay on the summit of Mount Everest

Life is more than adventures- though over Easter those in our household did a few- kayaking, mountain biking, canyoning, rock climbing and caving. The power of the Outdoors to make you reflect on your life and its journey is amazing. I read in the paper that for every $1.00 invested in Outdoor youth programmes in NZ, there is a $7.00 return.
Going into the outdoors is both disempowering as you set yourself against nature, but equally really powerful in determining who you are and why you are.  I get to see this, both my son and husband work in the outdoors.
In this book Peak is in trouble with the law and is sent to live with his Dad in Thailand- his Dad though wants Peak to summit Everest, the youngest person ever to do so. Will it change the course of Peaks destiny...

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