Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Guinea Moon

By: Kate Constable
Location: FIC CON
Genre: Youth fiction, coming of age and cultural stuff- nice mix.

Real nice mix actually- I have seen what cultural exposure of a shocking type can do to a 16 year old. It is easy to hide and cover up who we are, or how we cope in our safe lives as we build known garrisons around us to protect ourselves from the unknown. But when you are dropped kicked into the third world, to cultures based on relationship- not accumulations, to cultures where being fulfilled is about having food, clothes and good shelter- not fulfilling your materialistic bucket list of extravagant dreams. Yep being 16 and thrown into Papua New Guinea, will do something to you.
Julie has grown up not knowing her father, with just the occasional Christmas card and the knowledge that he flies planes for a charter company in New Guinea. When she comes to stay with him one long summer, she learns to appreciate not only her long-lost father and his love of flying, but also New Guinea itself and the people she meets
'Engaging and hard to put down' - Hannah, 15
'Captivating...the unexpected twists kept me on my toes' - Georgia, 15

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