Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello Hello

By: Matthew Cordell
Location: PIC COR
Genre: Picture book that can teach us a thing or two!!

I get really ticked off when people hang out at our place and spend all the time scanning their phones. I get really ticked off when I go out to a cafe with a mate and the phone is more important than our time together. Oh yes- technology has invaded relationships. HELLO!!! 
Something else is sad, we spend so much time attached to technology we forget to get attached to nature. Inside is controlling us so outside never features again and what we learn playing in the outside is real, and it smells and it makes noises and it communictaes with you. Inside beeps, and scrolls and demands so little of my senses invouluntarily- I can control my experiences. That makes me and us as people weaker and shallow.
So like this wonderful character in this book- who has guts and wants to reclaim what has been lost- I also want to let go of the hold of the phone and go play outside!!!

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