Friday, April 5, 2013

Warm Bodies

By: Isacc Marion
Location: FIC MAR
Genre: Zombies

Please someone tell me why? Why are zombies cool? How can a dead dude be fallen in love with? How bad are the real guys if a chick has to fall for a long dead soulless person? And why- why do boys have intricate zombie plans that involve chainsaws and diggers- though my sons zombie plan was way cool!
Questions? Do zombies smell bad- if they do, cause they should- surely girls would be totally disgusted with them? Can zombies feel anything, emotionally- if they have no soul? I mean why would you date a lifeless nothing? Why do zombies have cute bodies and evil eyes? Please someone tell me why???

Against my better judgement I have got this book in the library for all you zombie fans, this zombie  called "R" does not want to eat his girlfriend which is nice of him- he wants to protect her, he wants to breath, he wants to live and no doubt he wants to kiss.
Enjoy- cause I wont be reading this one!!!

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