Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ghosts of Parihaka

By: David Hair
Location: FIC HAI
Genre: New Zealand Fantasy

Ghosts of Parihaka is book 5 in David Hair’s popular Aotearoa series, and it’s the penultimate instalment.

This is New Zealands story, it is our Mandela, it is our Ghandi, it is our place of greatest shame and deepest pride. Parihaka is a place all New Zealanders should know about and thankfully now David Hair has written a story for everyone to learn why Parihaka matters. It is not a huge epic like Season of the Jew- it is youth fiction that makes the story alive- and somehow he uses Larnach castle as a base- maybe it has something to do with the ghosts of Larnachs past. The story circles around a ghostly theft of our founding document- the Treaty of Waitangi.
This is one David Hair book I am really keen to get stuck into, it tells the story of Waitangi, of Parihaka and Larnachs castle, it even has a go at telling us about Richard Pearce- it tells our story!

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