Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sweet Evil

By: Wendy Higgins
Location: FIC HIG
Genre: Angels and stuff

I believe in Angels- guardian ones. I reckon they hang about and look after you and keep guard. I have heard amazing stories- not the urban myth types but real ones, from a guy I know who has had angel stuff happen to him. I reckon there is real truth in believing in stuff we cannot see- there is far more out there than what we will ever know. So it makes sense stories are written about this stuff, even if it is in fiction form, maybe it reflects more of the real than we think. So whether the angels are fallen- baddies or guardian goodies- it matters that we perhaps read these books and take heed.
In this book Anna needs to decide if her angelic heritage is for Halo or Horns? I guess that depends on cute Kaiden Rowe!

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