Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To Brave the Seas: A boy at war.

By: David McRobbie:
Location: FIC MCR
Genre: War

ANZAC day is coming up- I always make my Grans ANZAC recipe on that day- my way to remember- just wish I could brew them like she used too. So over the next couple of weeks I will blog a few war stories so we can all remember that great young talented men loaded with potential were killed on foreign soil so I can enjoy tramping in my country and my sons are free to flourish.
Least we ever forget the cost!!
This book is set in the Navy in 1940, 15 year old Adam- yes 15- joins the British Merchant Navy. he discovers seasickness, submarines, shipwreck, torpedos and the challenge of realising your enemy's could be your friends. It is about a 15 year old becoming a man through the trauma and the power of war.

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